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As a parent, you need to develop more abilities than in any other activities and you can understand that only if you feel that on your own skin. Give a shot to this mystical dragon game where you will earn or better said you will taste the real feel of the maternal instincts. You are about to offer your care and love for these little unborn baby dragons who need an immediate intervention because of their condition.There are four major natural forces that are illustrated: the fire dragon, the ice dragon, the nature dragon and the water dragon. Each shell is decorated specifically. Begin with the cleaning part where you are responsible for the way the egg will crack and how the shell will keep the babies safe until the proper moment to get out will come along. Make sure you verify the way the baby stays in the egg with the ultrasound device. Measure the egg's height, length and weight to see if it is in standards. Be careful how you touch it and when the time comes you will know that the baby needs to be put in the incubator for the last procedure before it will be born. Wait that necessary time and then help him out to crack the shell so he'll be able to get out. Once the baby dragons are out there you should get them cleaned and make sure they are getting the treatment they need. Play an interactive game to collect them the required fruits and then feed them properly. After that much work you deserve a special area where you will have fun playing those cool and intriguing games for each baby dragon section. Achieve a high score and why not beat your records in those four games we are looking forward to letting you try them.
More than anything you have to check this area where are spotted the coolest features in the game:
- Learn the importance of the shell for animals that give birth using eggs
- Easy gameplay
- Have a lovely experience as a baby dragon owner
- Feed the babies and make sure their needs are accomplished
- Interactive games to play all in one game
- Ensure a safe and pleasant environment for a birth
- Free to play

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